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Exciting Rules for the Fire vs. Ice Clash


This is a type of betting game between two dragons - the fire dragon and the ice dragon. The game does not involve a house or dealer; it is solely played between the participants. The system acts as the middleman and collects fees from each round.

Before each round, players place their bets on either the fire dragon or the ice dragon. Then, the system starts a countdown timer and stops accepting bets when the time runs out. At this point, the system compares the total amount of bets placed on both sides. If there is a difference, the system refunds the difference to the players who lately bet on the more favored side.

After the countdown ends, a battle between the two dragons takes place to determine the final outcome. The final result determines which player wins and receives the winnings from their chosen side.

The system's objective is to maintain a balance in betting values between the fire dragon and the ice dragon. This ensures fairness and excitement for all participating players. The game creates a competitive environment where players have the opportunity to win based on their decisions and luck in the battle between the two dragons.

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