☄️┃Revenue-Sharing Model

📌In addition to the excitement of hatching and breeding dragons, Dragon Arena also offers a unique sharing revenue model for NFT holders. Dragon Arena generates revenue from several sources, including egg sales, gambling fees, and marketplace fees.

📌Each of these sources will be divided into three parts: For operational costs, Referral fees, and rewards for holders of the NFT collection.

📌This means that owning a high-rarity NFT not only provides you with a powerful and rare dragon but also gives you access to exclusive rewards and benefits. As a result, players are incentivized to collect and breed the most powerful and rare dragons possible, in order to increase their share of the revenue generated by the platform.

📌This sharing revenue model is just one of the many innovative features that set Dragon Arena apart from other NFT platforms. This revenue-sharing model ensures that all contributors to the Dragon Arena ecosystem are fairly rewarded for their participation. By allocating a significant portion of revenue to the development of the NFT collection, Dragon Arena is committed to providing a unique and valuable experience for its users, while also investing in the future growth and success of the platform.

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