The marketplace in Dragon Arena provides a safe and efficient platform for NFT owners to buy and sell their dragons with other players without the risk of fraud or scams.


The marketplace offers several features to ensure a smooth and efficient trading experience, including:

  • Smart Contract Integration: All transactions are executed through smart contracts, ensuring that the transaction is irreversible and the NFT ownership is transferred securely.

  • Listing and Bidding System: NFT owners can list their NFTs for sale or set them up for auction. Interested buyers can place bids or purchase the NFTs directly.

  • Search and Filtering: Users can search for NFTs by rarity, name, or other attributes. They can also filter search results by price, rarity, or other criteria.

  • Transaction History: The marketplace maintains a transaction history for all trades, providing transparency and accountability for all parties involved.

Transaction Fees

To support the development and maintenance of the marketplace, a transaction fee will be charged for each trade. The transaction fee will be 5% of the sale price based on the cost of maintaining the marketplace.

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