🌪 ┃ Breeding

But the true excitement of Dragon Arena lies in the breeding of your dragons. By breeding your dragons with other trainers, you have the chance to create even more powerful offspring with new abilities and traits. And with a chance for each breeding to result in a higher rarity dragon, the possibilities for greatness are endless.

To help incentivize dragon trainers to participate in the egg-hatching and breeding process, a portion of the revenue generated from egg sales and in-game activities will be distributed among NFT holders based on the rarity of their dragons. Additionally, daily rewards will be given to the top egg purchasers each day, encouraging trainers to strive for greatness and collect as many eggs as possible.

Breeding RatioResult

Common + Common

50% chance to produce Uncommon

Uncommon + Uncommon

30% chance to produce Rare

Rare + Rare

10% chance to produce Epic

Epic + Epic

1% chance to produce Legendary

This table shows the breeding ratios for the different combinations of NFTs in Dragon Arena. When two NFTs of the same rarity level are bred together, there is a chance that the offspring will be of a higher rarity level.

For example, breeding two Common NFTs has a 50% chance of producing an Uncommon NFT, while breeding two Rare NFTs has a 10% chance of producing an Epic NFT. The highest rarity level, Legendary, can only be obtained by breeding two Epic NFTs together, with a 1% chance of success.

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